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Trade Name: Fluorinert Electronic Liquid FCH750.
CAS NO.: 297730-93-9


FCH750 is non-flammable and has a small potential impact on global warming, which make
it ideal for use in heat transfer applications. In addition, it is chemically inert, so it can also
be used to replace PFCs and PFPEs in many applications.

Fluorinert Electronic Liquid FCH750

  • Properties FCH750
    Average Molecular Weight 414 (g/mol)
    Boiling point
    129 (℃)

    Melting Point

    -100 (℃)

    Calculated Critical Temperature

    261 (℃)

    Calculated Critical Pressure

    1.55 (Mpa)

    Latent Heat of Vaporization
    (at normal boiling point)
    88.5 (cal/g)

    Vapor pressure

    2.1 ( kPa, 25℃)

    Solubility in water

    <3 (ppmw)

    Coefficient of Expansion

    0.00129 (K-1)

    Surface Tension

    16.2 (dynes/cm)

    Flash Point

    Ozone Depletion Potential 0


  • The fully-fluorinated liquid is ideal for use in many heat transfer applications, also widely used in cleaning and lubrication scenarios.

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