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Trade Name: Fluorinert Electronic Liquid FCN168.
CAS No: 86508-42-1.

FCN168 is a clear, colorless, fully-fluorinated liquid. It is thermally and chemically stable,
compatible with most electronic components and non-flammable. In addition, it has a high boiling point and strong heat absorption capacity, which make it ideal for cooling and testing applications of electronic equipments. As a fluorine inert liquid, it can also be used as an inert reaction media.

Fluorinert Electronic Liquid FCN168

  • Properties FCN168
    Average Molecular Weight
    650 (g/mol)
    Boiling point
    158-173 (℃)
    Pour Point
    Calculated Critical Temperature
    270 (℃)
    Calculated Critical Pressure
    1.18 x 106 (pa)
    Vapor Pressure
    287 (pa)
    Latent Heat of Vaporization (at normal boiling point)
    69 (J/g)
    Absolute Viscosity
    4.1 (cP)
    Liquid Specific Heat
    1100 (J kg-1 °C-1)
    Liquid Thermal Conductivity
    0. 065 (W m-1 °C-1)
    Coefficient of Expansion
    0.0012 (°C-1)
    Refractive Index
    Surface Tension
    16 (dynes/cm)
    Flash Point
    Ozone Depletion Potential




  • The fully fluorinated liquid is ideal for use in many single-phase heat transfer applications in the semiconductor manufacturing industry.

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